I've Never Met a Chocolate Dessert
I Didn't Like...

...and I'll bet you haven't either.

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Here's how my chocolate dessert journey began...

One day, after reaching the Age of Reason, I began to ask myself some life-changing questions:

What is it about this need for dessert after a meal? And why (in my case anyway) does it have to be a chocolate dessert?!...

  • Is it the health benefits of chocolate?
    Nah. That's just a bonus.

  • Is it how I experience the effects of chocolate?

  • Why do I like dark chocolate better than milk chocolate?
    That's easy...Because I've always had good taste.

  • Why can't I put down the chocolate chip cookies?!

After pondering these things, I finally realized...(Are you ready?)...I finally realized...(I'm sure you're screaming the answer at your monitor right now.)...I finally realized...


So, after being run over by the Obvious Truck, I quickly got up, dusted myself off, and began to ask more questions:

  • What is the history of chocolate?

  • How is chocolate made?

  • Are there other chocolate desserts besides cakes, cookies, candy, brownies, and fudge?

  • What is this fascination with chocolate covered foods?

  • And why, oh why, is white chocolate not brown?!

I knew if I didn't do something soon I'd completely lose my mind from not knowing the answers to these questions.

I decided to turn my curiosity into a mission: To find out all there is to know about one of God's greatest creations--the cacao bean. And how we turned it into one of the most wonderful experiences of life--chocolate.

As you shall see, in the world of chocolate, 'butter' is not a dairy product, 'liquor' is non-alcoholic, 'chocolate' may contain meat, and it should have a temper...

So, come. Join me in my discovery...

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