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Click on the images below to find out more about Cheryl's Cookies fresh gourmet cookies, cakes, and brownies, and how you can get some for yourself.  Whether you're looking for delicious chocolate desserts for business gifts or just craving chocolate, she can make your dreams come true.


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Cheryl's Cookies was founded in 1981 by a woman named Cheryl Krueger and her college roommate, Caryl Walker.  Cheryl had grown up with a passion for cooking thanks to hours of experience in the kitchen with her grandmother, who liked to give her cookies away as gifts on the holidays.  In 1974, Cheryl graduated from Bowling Green State University and worked for a retail chain before taking a job at Limited Brands.  There, she learned all about the process of successful retailing.  Seven years later, she and Caryl opened their own retail store in Columbus, Ohio and called it Cheryl's Cookies, where they sold six different kinds of cookies and soda pop beverages.

Cheryl's was the first gourmet cookie company to individually wrap its products, promoting the preservation of flavor and the intact arrival of delivered wares.  This gave Cheryl Cookies a competitive edge. Over the next several years, the business expanded its product line to also include desserts and gifts.  This growth also inspired a name change for the company, which became Cheryl and Company, popularly known as Cheryl's.  Eventually, retail stores, Internet and catalog sales, and a separate business gift division were added to its repertoire, all of which helped to make it a multi-million dollar corporation. 

In 2005, Krueger decided to sell the business to 1-800-Flowers, a telephone and Internet-sales based company that focuses on retailing flowers and gifts, and it remains part of their 'Family of Brands' today.  However, the Cheryls headquarters is still located in Columbus, Ohio, and the company’s retail stores have maintained the name. 

The Goodies

Cheryl's uses fresh, high quality ingredients and only the best choclate for its cookies, cakes, and brownies.  Also, because the company does not use preservatives, it recommends consumption of its treats within a week.  The company’s original bakery in Columbus was certified as Kosher in 2008, so a majority of Cheryl's products are kosher.  Most of the vendors that Cheryls purchases from are kosher, too.  And if you’d like to shop for some sugar-free cookies and brownies, you can find those as well.

Now, let’s talk about the good stuff…some of the best chocolate desserts delivered right to your door.  Cheryl's Cookies makes all kinds of chocolate-related products.  The most obvious of these is cookies.  For example, the company retails what’s called a Bow Box, which is a classic assortment of individually wrapped chocolate chip and chocolate chocolate chip cookies, along with a few other varieties.  Then there’s the Classic Cookie and Pretzel Gift, which includes a collection of triple chocolate and buttercream chip cookies along with candy-dipped pretzels.  Not enough?

How about some brownies?  You need the Premium Brownie Sampler, which allows you to taste a variety of Cheryl's signature brownies.  These include caramel fudge, cashew chocolate chip, hot chocolate fudge, and regular fudge flavors.  Yum!

How about the Miss Grace Chocolate Fudge Cake?  This piece of decadence is made with dark chocolate morsels and a chocolate glaze shell that has been hand dipped.  The cake even comes in a beautiful gift tin.  Can’t go wrong there.  In fact, most of Cheryl's products come with fantastic gift wrapping and packaging options to suit your every gift-giving need.
Now that you’re feeling the urge to enjoy some of these yummy chocolate desserts, Chocolate Dessert Café is happy to have helped.  :D

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