chocolate covered marshmallows

A marshmallow is a candy, first commercially manufactured during the late 19th century. Chocolate covered marshmallows are marsh-mallows coated in chocolate.(!)

Traditionally, marshmallows were a combination of marshmallow root, whipped egg whites, vanilla extract, and sugar. However, as marshmallow root became more difficult to find, it was often replaced by gelatin.

A finished marshmallow is usually shaped and cut and may be rolled in powdered sugar or cornstarch to give the exterior a dry, non-sticky texture.

Some popular American desserts and activities include marshmallows and chocolate:
~ Pinwheels and Mallomars are well-known cookies.
~ Rocky Road fudge, Rocky Road ice cream, and hot cocoa just wouldn't be the same without those miniatures.
~ And how could camping trips be complete without roasting S’mores?

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If a simple taste experience is what you're seeking,
nothing beats the humble chocolate covered marshmallow. Mmmmm.

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