chocolate covered potato chips

Chocolate covered potato chips are an American snack food consisting of potato chips that have been dipped and/or coated with melted chocolate.

They're most popular in North Dakota where they're used for snacking, as appetizers, and as dessert items.

The kind of chocolate used is usually milk chocolate because it's easily tempered.

Also known as "chippers", chocolate potato chips have existed for many years, although the facts about their creation and history are debatable.

For many years, these treats have been made in the Fargo, North Dakota area by Widman's Candy (founded in 1885), other commercial confectioneries, and at homes.

In 1985 they came to the Chicago market by a company called Executive Sweets.

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The potato chips used to make the oh-so-mouth-watering potato chips are usually the regular or plain-tasting ridged types.

Ridged chips are used because they tend to be more sturdy and can hold the heavy chocolate.

Plus, the ridges enhance the chocolate flavor by allowing more chocolate to fill the ridges of the chip.


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