Chocolate dipped pretzels are
the ultimate combination
of salty and sweet flavors.

chocolate dipped pretzels
chocolate dipped pretzels
chocolate dipped pretzels

They're simply crisp pretzels dipped into melted chocolate. Although no one knows for sure where the idea originated, these treats have become a big part of the American lifestyle. With a crunchy pretzel inside and a sweet chocolate outside, it’s easy to see why.

Different pretzel varieties are used to make chocolate pretzels.
Large, thick pretzels, whether twists or rods, preserve more of the salty flavor, as the ratio of pretzel to chocolate is higher. Smaller pretzels, most often twists, have the opposite effect: more sweet flavor. In fact, it's more common to find large twists and rods used for gourmet chocolate covered pretzels. This is because they have more of a crunch to them and they can be made more decorative. And, since one side of a rod is usually left un-dipped, they're also easier to eat without getting chocolate all over your hands!

Chocolate dipped pretzels are made with milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. Some are made with what's known as "flavored chocolate", but this is harder to find. Flavored chocolate is created by mixing flavorings, or actual ingredients, into the melted chocolate. Strawberry, orange, raspberry, peanut butter, and peppermint are the most popular flavors found. Sometimes small fruit or candy pieces are also mixed in to give this unique dessert that "something special". This technique gives an especially beautiful appearance to those that use white chocolate.

Their appearance can range from the very basic to the very extravagant.
The melted chocolate applied to dipped pretzels is either left plain or coated in an outer topping. Some of these additional toppings include colorful candy sprinkles, crushed nuts, crushed chocolate cookies, peppermint candies, or other varieties of chopped candy. And some already-dipped pretzels are drizzled with different toppings: another layer of chocolate, peanut butter, or caramel.

Chocolate pretzels are a great treat to give for holidays, birthdays, and as a hostess gift. As a lighter alternative to other chocolate dessert, they're also great for parties and other casual get-togethers.

Great recipe for making chocolate covered pretzels!


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