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The brainchild of three founders

Dancing Deer Bakery is one of many chocolate companies and bakeries featured here at Chocolate Dessert Café that make fantastic desserts, but they are distinguished for their preservative-free products and environmentally-friendly practices.


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Dancing Deer is the brainchild of three founders, namely Suzanne Lombardi, Ayis Antoniou, and Trish Karter.  Together, they established Dancing Deer Baking Company in 1994 as a wholesale company that made high quality baked goods that were all-natural.  The business was located in what used to be a pizza parlor with a few convection ovens on a high traffic street corner in West Roxbury, Massachusetts.  Lombardi came up with a majority of the recipes, while Antoniou (an avid cook) worked on business strategies and Karter incorporated her passion for environmentally-friendly actions.  Karter also served as CEO for a time.  The name for the company was actually copied from an antique shop in Bar Harbor, Maine that was run by Lombardi’s grandmother, who happened to be the supplier of some of Dancing Deer bakery’s signature recipes. 

At first, they specialized in cakes, and their primary customers were local restaurants and cafes.  Later, in 1996, the company added a line of packaged consumer goods to its wares.  Soon, passers-by requested access to Dancing Deer, and the company decided to re-open as a small retail establishment.  Within a year, Dancing Deer had won an award equivalent to the entertainment industry’s Oscar from the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade in recognition of its Molasses Clove Cookie.  Soon thereafter, the company was advertised on national TV as maker of the “best cake in America”.  At this point, the company had established a toll free phone number to receive orders, and this helped launch Dancing Deer’s mail order branch.  Today, the company’s focus is on these remote orders.  Although Lombardi, Antoniou, and Karter are now no longer affiliated with the company, their business concepts still remain a part of Dancing Deer’s foundations.

Their Delicious Chocolate Desserts

Dancing Deer Bakery focuses on producing cookies, cakes, and brownies that are all-natural and Kosher.  These products also happen to be preservative-free.  Each item is made from scratch using traditional artisan baking mixed with “innovative” blends of flavor.  Products are packaged with simple but attractive environmentally friendly materials and techniques.     

Now let’s talk about the yummy chocolate desserts that Dancing Deer has to offer.  The first thing we recommend is a Dancing Deer brownie.  Flavors like “chocolate chunk” and “cappuccino brownie” are bound to get your attention.  (The latter, by the way, involves dark chocolate with a “hint” of cinnamon spice- wow!)  If you’d like to buy some brownies as a gift, they come in collector’s tins and boxes.  You even have the healthful option of a gluten-free brownie.

If it’s Dancing Deer cookies you want, then you should try the Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie, which is a combination of white and dark chocolate pieces mixed in a chocolate base.  If you get the gift version, you’ll receive 16 of those chocolate-packed cookies in a beautiful red box!  Want some fruit with your chocolate?  Check out the Cranberry Orange Cookie, which consists of a whole grain cookie full of chunks of white chocolate chips, cranberries, and oranges.  If you can’t make up your mind about which cookie to choose, you can always buy a cookie sampler package that will combine several different kinds of these circular treats.

And if you’re needing some quality chocolate cake, then look no further than the Chocolate Espresso Cake, a rich dark chocolate confection drizzled with white Belgian chocolate.

When you’re ready to have the best chocolate desserts delivered to your front door, a Dancing Deer Bakery treat won’t disappoint.

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