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Leads the way in sales of freshly baked cookies

David's Cookies is one of the few in the industry that has delicious chocolate desserts down to a science. It’s a rare skill to be able to make commercial cookies look and taste like they’re homemade.




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It all started with a notion to bring the West Coast tradition of boutique cookie shops to the Eastern U.S.  In 1979, a New York City top chef named David Liederman decided he wanted to do just that, focusing on the example that California was setting with its sale of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies throughout the state.  Thus, the first David Cookies store was opened in Manhattan.  David’s became popular for its creatively shaped cookies and the chunks (yes, chunks) of chocolate inside them.  Having been educated at some of the best culinary schools in France, Liederman began exploring with his knowledge until he happened upon a recipe for cookies that both looked and tasted “just like mamma made!”  These fresh-from-the-oven treats brought David’s huge success, making the business well known to the Northeastern U.S.  Soon, David’s’ popularity spread across the country, leading to the company’s receipt of many awards for its best chocolate desserts.  This included the NY Newsday "Cookie Award" for the Best Chocolate Chunk Cookie.  Within six years, David’s had become an international franchise and boasted more than 250 cookie shops worldwide. 

With the mid-to-late 1980s came rising operating costs, causing many of the David's Cookies stores to close.  Soon, Liederman sold his company to Fairfield Gourmet Foods Corporation, a gourmet dessert business that is still based in New Jersey.  Fairfield gave David’s new life by incorporating its top quality cookies and frozen cookie dough into the worlds of food service and co-branding.  In the late 1990s, Fairfield developed an online cookie store to market its David products.  Now, David Cookies leads the way for Internet sales of freshly baked cookies.  The brand has continued to win more awards, and was named as one of Good Housekeeping Magazine’s "10 Best Mail-order Goodies for Giving (or Serving)" in December of 2007 in honor of its mini cheesecake delicacies.  David’s is also making a growing presence in the gift-giving industry with its gift basket selections and other such novelties.

The Desserts

David’s uses all natural ingredients, including butter, pure vanilla, whole nuts, and Swiss chocolate.  Most of its products are also Certified kosher dairy OUD.  Craving chocolate, but watching your waistline? David’s offers sugar-free products, too.  Using the slogan “a bite above the rest”, David’s makes sure it has something for everyone.

First, let’s talk about cookie tins.  They come in sizes ranging from one to five pounds of freshly baked cookie goodness with absolutely zero preservatives.  Cookie flavors include Chocolate Chunk, Double Chocolate Chunk, Cherry White Chip, Macadamia White Chunk, and M&M.  Don’t forget the attractive tin and complimentary greeting message that are both included.

Still craving chocolate?  Then you need David’s Assorted Brownies, which come in 8 or 12 pieces made of pure butter, the best choclate, and other natural ingredients that are sure to convince you the end product is homemade.  David’s brownies come in Chocolate Chip and other scrumptious flavors.

If you’re having trouble deciding between the cookies and brownies, no problem!  Just go with the Cookie Brownie Party Pack, a 5 pound tin filled with an assortment of the above mentioned cookies and brownies.  Then there’s the 12 Piece Assorted Crumb Cakes tin, which consists of soft cakes with thick crumb toppings that come in three flavors: original butter, raspberry, and triple chocolate!  Speaking of cake, how about David’s amazing 10-inch Chocolate Fudge Birthday Cake?  There’s plenty of preformed frozen cookie dough for you to purchase, too.  The decadence continues!

Now that Chocolate Dessert Café has piqued your interest in David's Cookies, it’s time to see for yourself what we’re talking about.  Get ready to enjoy these yummy chocolate desserts delivered right to your door!

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