"Meet Jim"

The (very) simple story of how one man became drunk on chocolate...

Meet Jim.  An adult.

Jim's chocolate desserts are boring and ordinary.  Jim wishes there were some way to put some life into his chocolate cakes, cookies, pies, and brownies.

Suddenly, Jim has an idea:

"What if I put alcohol in my desserts?!"

Yes, Jim, you can put alcohol in that cupcake and in all your chocolate desserts simply and easily with the new ebook Drunk on Chocolate: 100 Chocolate Dessert Recipes That Use Alcohol.  It's chock full of recipes for chocolate cakes, cupcakes, pies, brownies, cookies, ice cream, pudding, cocktails, and more!  With recipes featuring 9 different types of alcohol (sometimes two together!) and 5 different liqueurs, you're sure to be the hit of your next party.

And, Jim, since the book is downloadable, you can have the recipes in your hand in minutes, so you can get started right away on your discovery of tantalizing, extra-special chocolate desserts!  All for only $2.99!

(What are you waiting for?  Go, Jim, go!)

[ 1 hour later]

Jim has a Chocolate Beer Cupcake he made all by himself.  It looks just like his other boring cupcake on the outside, but he knows it's anything but on the inside.

(Let's watch while he takes his first bite…)

Wow!  Jim really digs into that cupcake!

(Take a bigger bite, Jim.)

(Thaaaaat's it.)

(So, Jim, what do you think?)

Jim wonders why he didn't get this ebook sooner!

All it took was $2.99 and he was on his way to chocolate dessert happiness in no time!

Jim is now one happy adult!


You can be happy just like Jim. Download your own copy of Drunk on Chocolate: 100 Chocolate Dessert Recipes That Use Alcohol
right here for only $2.99

Drunk On Chocolate | Chocolate Dessert Cafe

Click on the picture to download your copy now!

(By the way, you do not need a Kindle reader in order to access the ebook.  You can download it right to your desktop using Amazon's FREE Kindle For PC.)

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