What is German chocolate?

german chocolate cake

It's not Dutch chocolate...That's a result of a special process of making chocolate. And it's not Swiss or Belgian chocolate --The award-winning milky confections from Switzerland and Belgium.

There really is no such thing.

But, what about German Chocolate Cake? Doesn't have anything to do with the Germans or Germany.

This well-known cake first appeared in 1957 when a homemaker sent the recipe to a Dallas newspaper with "Baker's German's Sweet Chocolate" as the key ingredient.

German's Chocolate dates back to 1852, when an American named Sam German created a sweet baking bar for the Baker's Chocolate Company.
The apostrophe and "s" were dropped from "German's" and it became known as (Sam) German('s) Chocolate Cake.

So the cake didn't originate in Germany. Who cares?! It's still a chocolate dessert!

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