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A line of chocolate treats just for children

Kinder Chocolate is not chocolate with a pleasant, considerate disposition (although it certainly has an agreeable flavor).  The proper way to pronounce the name of this product line is “Kihn-turr”, as in “kindergarten.”  Note that last word: leave off “garten” and you have “kinder,” which is German for “children.”  So, it literally means “children chocolate.”  Therein lies the defining characteristic of this product line among reputable chocolate brands.  (The only brands Chocolate Dessert Café allows.)

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The Company

Kinder Chocolate is a chocolate line that is owned by the Italian confection manufacturing company known as Ferrero SpA.  (The SpA is short for “Società per Azioni,” which in English means: “Joint-stock company.”)  Ferrero started in Alba, Italy with a spreadable cream for bread that was made of hazelnuts and cocoa, developed by a pastry-shop owner named Pietro Ferrero in 1946.  Pietro found inspiration for this creation in gianduja, a type of sweet chocolate consisting of 30% hazelnut paste that was invented in late 18th century Italy.  Calling his new creation “Pasta Gianduja,” Pietro and his wife Piera turned their shop into a confection company (named “Ferrero”) and started producing and marketing this spread.  Pietro’s sons Giovanni and Michele eventually became joint chief executives of Ferrero.  Giovanni Ferrero was highly influential in the sales department of the company until his untimely death in 1949.  After that, his brother Michele went on to invent Ferrero Nutella, which was a modification of Pietro’s original Pasta Gianduja.  (Incidentally, Nutella was first marketed in 1964 and has since become a world renowned product.)  Michele was actually the first post-World War II Italian confections manufacturer to expand his business overseas.  Now owner of Ferrero, which has become international, Michele’s own sons have taken over operations of the family business and continue to help it grow.

As with a lot of chocolate companies, Ferrero SpA keeps its secrets to success very private. They've never held a press conference nor allowed any media representatives to set foot on its grounds.  The company’s manufacturing equipment is even designed by its own engineering department.  Although Ferrero produces various candies, including the well known breath mints Tic Tacs, and other chocolate-related items, Kinder is the company’s main chocolate line.

The Chocolate

Kinder Chocolate was established in 1968 as Ferrero’s “Speciality Food Division for Children".  It was designed with the intent of meeting the needs of health conscious mothers and families who seek to bring good nutrition to their homes.  The goal of Kinder was to provide snacks that would coordinate with the specific times of day in a child’s routine.  Ferrero sought to meet this goal by making chocolate to buy that satisfied a child’s sweet-tooth while reassuring his or her mother’s faith in quality ingredients and well-sized proportions from a trusted company.  Thus came Kinder Chocolate, a line of the best choclate treats made just for children.  The company boasts that its chocolate contains no artificial colors or preservatives and that it uses only the finest ingredients.  Here are some of Kinder’s best known current products:

Kinder Chocolate: Individually wrapped milk chocolate bars with evenly marked indentations to allow simple portioning.  This also makes the product easy for handling by children’s small hands.

Kinder Bueno: A duo of milk chocolate wafer bars drizzled with dark chocolate and filled with a hazelnut cream.  Designed for people on the go who might want to share, the bars are individually wrapped within a single package.  Like other Kinder products, they have marked portions for each bite.  This was the first Kinder product made for adults.

Kinder Surprise: An egg of milk chocolate lined with milky cream and a toy or character figurine inside.  This popular treat was added to the product line in 1974.  

Kinder Pinqui: A frozen treat that has a crispy, dark-chocolate exterior which encases a soft center made of chocolate sponge cake and creamy milk.

So, if you've got a kid who's craving chocolate and you’re looking for a quick, easy remedy that will please (but not over-indulge), Kinder is a great option.  Unless you live overseas, your best bet is to order Kinder Chocolate online and have these yummy chocolate desserts delivered to your home.  Enjoy!

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