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Anyone who has ever purchased a cookie has heard of Mrs. Fields. That’s because they’re one of the largest names in the cookie business. Plus, they taste good!  Click on any of the images below to find out more.

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Debbi had no prior business experience, but she did have an entrepreneurial spirit that went all the way back to age 13 when she worked as a “ball girl” who retrieved foul balls for the Oakland A’s.  She used the money she earned to experiment in the kitchen.  Fields grew to love baking and discovered an appreciation for using non-substituted ingredients like butter, real chocolate, and vanilla in her creations.  In 1977, she started her own cookie business with her husband Randall Fields. Their first retail store was called “Mrs. Field’s Chocolate Chippery” and was located in Palo Alto, California.

Debbi brought her appreciation for wholesome baking to her business, and her homemade-style cookies quickly became popular, especially when she started giving out free samples on the street. Continuing a family tradition of taking good care of people, Fields often had coffee waiting for her regular customers.  She was once quoted, “I knew I had something special when my customers started calling in sick!”

Over time, the name of the business was shortened to “Mrs. Fields” to accommodate an increasing diversity of delicious chocolate desserts that went beyond chocolate chip cookies.  In 1982, Fields moved her company headquarters to Park City, Utah, and in the early 1990s, she sold her company to an investment firm.  Since then, Mrs. Fields has acquired several well-known brands and grown to become a well-known franchiser in the snack food industry, including TCBY.  Today, there are more than 650 retail bakeries in the United States alone, and over 80 in eleven other countries.  Debbi Fields remains as the company’s spokesperson.

The Desserts

If you’re craving chocolate chip cookies and think they’re the best chocolate desserts ever created, you’ve come to the right place, because Mrs. Fields has plenty to choose from.  Each cookie is made from Debbi Field’s own recipes using whole eggs, pure vanilla, and real vanilla in addition to a special blend of sugar, flour, and the very best choclate.  Products are beautifully packaged or wrapped in festive, seasonal colors.  Cookies come in tins, boxes, baskets, or even jars and tubs.  As for specific cookie flavors, there’s chocolate macadamia nut, triple chocolate, and of course, the tried and true chocolate chip.

The company also makes brownies, brownie bites, miniature muffins, and more.  It even has a popcorn tub that comes with flavors which include dark or milk chocolate!  Another unique product is the cookie cake, which is basically a giant version of a regular cookie that has been hand-decorated with either a traditional greeting or custom message.  Mrs.Fields also makes other chocolate to buy like bark, toffee, and assortments.  Flavors for these include peppermint, almond butter, and candy cane!

If you’d like to peruse the full product line that Mrs. Fields has to offer, then you might want to request a catalog from the website.  You can also view this catalog directly online.  Another useful feature on their website is the “store locator” section.  This allows you to enter in your city name, state or region, and zip code to determine the whereabouts of the nearest retail store.  Some of these locations even have their own specific store websites to check out.  But, since you’re already here at Chocolate Dessert Café, why not order now and have these yummy chocolate desserts delivered right to your door?  Beautiful, tasty gifts await you at your fingertips!

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