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 A big dream started in a small town

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Ever wished that your favorite chocolate brands came in larger portions?  Or perhaps you'd like to see how that delectable treat was made in the first place…Good news!  At Rocky Mountain Chocolate, you can buy some of the biggest chocolate pieces you’ve ever seen, and they often make them for you on the spot.


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Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company started with a big dream in a small town.  In the early 1980s, Frank Crail, a former resident of Newport Beach, California, moved his family to the historic town of Durango, Colorado with the goal of raising his seven children in a closely-knit environment.  Durango is found on the western side of the Rocky Mountains, which became the inspiration for the name of Crail’s new business, a small chocolate store on Main Street that he opened in 1981 with two partners.  Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory was a charming local notion that expanded to its first franchises in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Park City, Utah in 1982.  That same year, a factory was built offsite, and in 1983, Frank Crail’s two partners bowed out.  Over time, Rocky Mountain accumulated hundreds of franchises across the US and overseas.  In 2002, a 53,000 square foot factory was built on the outskirts of Durango to supply these franchises.   
Crail is currently President and CEO of the company, and he claims that the key to his success is the quality of his product.  Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory beat such reputable chocolate companies as Godiva and See’s Candies when competing in a blind taste test for the “richest chocolate, with intense natural flavor”.  Crail also accredits Rocky Mountain’s success to the company’s in-store demonstrations.  Customers can watch some of the best chocolate desserts in the country being made right before their eyes, and this memorable experience keeps them coming back for more chocolate to buy.  One of the company’s other trademarks is its larger-than-usual portions, a mistake in Rocky Mountain’s early production days that has caught on and remained popular.  

The Chocolate

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory stores all have a hand-forged copper kettle on a gas-fired stove which can be seen in action by customers.  A 500 pound granite marble slab used for cooling is also present, in addition to standard hand-used instruments.  These traditional manufacturing tools all help contribute to the fine quality of chocolate that Rocky Mountain has to offer.  Speaking of that chocolate, what kind of yummy chocolate dessert do they make, anyway?

For starters, there’s fudge made fresh on a daily basis, plus an assortment of cookies, fruits, nuts, and pretzels that are hand-dipped in milk, dark, and white chocolate.  Then there are those fine chocolates which are shipped to their stores in refrigerated trucks.  Favorites of these particular products include truffles, enormous peanut butter cups called the Bucket, toffee, nut clusters, and butter creams.

The Bear is the company’s signature chocolate product. It consists of caramel and roasted nuts that are coated in chocolate.  Delicious!  And if you’re looking for a tasty treat that’s a bit more health conscious, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory offers a newly developed sugar-free and no-sugar-added candy line.  All these products come in gift packaging, too.  Patrons can even make custom orders for functions such as weddings, fundraisers, and other special events.  It is estimated that Rocky Mountain produces about 300 different delicious chocolate desserts, so there are lots of choices to suit your particular “needs”.

So, if you’ve got the "craving chocolate" bug and a hankering for the fine products of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, you can find its stores across the US.  The company’s website has a handy search feature that allows you to enter your state or country to locate a Rocky Mountain store near you.  (And for Chocolate Dessert Café fans, purchases can also be made here.)  You can also join the Rocky Mountain family as a franchisee.  Or, if you prefer, you can check out the company on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol “RMCF”.

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