Tortuga Rum Cake + Chocolate =
An exotic chocolate dessert...with a kick!

The Tortuga Rum Company offers its customers its famous Tortuga Rum Cakes and other signature products.  If you’re looking for some exotic chocolate desserts delivered with “a taste of the Caribbean”, then look no further.  Tortuga is what you want and Chocolate Dessert Café is pleased to be associated with them.

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The Tortuga Rum Company was started by Robert Hamaty and his wife Carlene.  In 1984, the Hamatys were working for Cayman Airways; Robert was a pilot, and Carlene was an in-flight supervisor.  The Hamatys saw firsthand how tourism and the cruise industry were flourishing, so they decided to develop a product-line that could be marketed towards the consumers of those industries.  Together, the Hamatys established the Tortuga Rum Company, Ltd., with an introduction to the first rums of the Cayman Islands as their first product.  These rums made fine souvenirs for travelers.  In 1987, the couple was able to open the first duty-free Tortuga liquor store.  By then, Carlene had received encouragement from food business friends to incorporate her homemade baked rum cakes into the Tortuga product line. She had been using a family recipe that was four generations old to make these cakes for special occasions. Taking the advice of her friends, Carlene tried out her recipe at a local restaurant, where her cakes were a huge success.  Later that year, the Hamatys added the Tortuga Caribbean Rum Cake to their business.  It is now world famous.

By 1990, there was such a high demand for Carlene’s rum cakes that the Hamatys decided to expand by adding a bakery to their company’s facility.  This made Carlene’s cakes the first rum cakes from the Caribbean to be produced in a commercial kitchen.  In 1991, the Hamatys obtained a custom vacuum-seal packaging machine, which extended the shelf-life of the cakes to twelve months, or “indefinite” if frozen or refrigerated.  This set the company up for easy distribution of its products across the world.  Six years later, Tortuga Imports/Tortuga Rum Cake Company was opened as a subsidiary in Miami, Florida as a headquarters for such distribution, in addition to online and mail order sales.  This facility was run by Monique and Marcus Simmonds, Robert’s daughter and son-in-law.  Later, in 2012, the Tortuga Rum Company and Tortuga Imports, along with their franchise bakeries, consolidated into Tortuga International Holdings, Limited. 

Now, the Tortuga Rum Cake is well-known by the 20 million plus tourists and cruise passengers who visit the Caribbean each year.  Carlene’s rum cakes are the Cayman Islands’ number one export and have been named by Porthole Cruise Magazine as “Best Cruise Souvenir” for eight consecutive years.

The Chocolate

If you’re going to try a Tortuga treat, you’ve got to start out with Carlene’s famous Caribbean Rum Cakes.  But wait…What exactly IS a rum cake?  Well, it’s a traditional holiday dessert from the Caribbean that developed from the seasonal puddings brought there by the British.  To make the cake, fruit (typically plums and raisins) is dried and then soaked in rum for about three months.  After this, the fruit is added to a dough made of caramelized sugar, ultimately creating a light texture in the cake.  Made in a similar manner, Tortuga’s cakes are baked in the Caribbean and glazed by hand with a five year old Tortuga Gold Rum before being vacuum sealed for freshness.

So, why did we tell you all this?  Because they sell a chocolate rum cake!

Not ready to take the Tortuga Rum Cake plunge?  How about some Tortuga Chocolate Rum Turtles with Sea Salt?  Those are pecan patties made with rum that are covered with premium milk chocolate and topped with sea salt.  Or perhaps you’d prefer some of the best choclate fudge--it has a big dose of rum flavor.  The fudge comes in banana and coconut varieties, too.  Whatever you choose, count on an authentic taste of the Caribbean.

If you’re  craving chocolate and rum, you can find Tortuga products in various gift and specialty stores throughout North America, and of course, the Caribbean.  A Tortuga Rum Cake can be shipped to 70 different countries throughout the world.  Or, if you’re lucky enough to be enjoying a cruise, look for Tortuga items in your ship’s gift shop.

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