What do Venezuelan chocolate, Cuban cigars, and French wine have in common? All three are renowned for their high quality.

venezuelan chocolate

Cacao as a species began in South America. Of the three types of cacao plants-- Criollo, Forastero, and Trinitario --Criollo is the finest. Venezuela is the leading producer of Criollo cacao. While the quantity of Criollo cacao has been shrinking in other countries, Venezuela has managed to retain a healthy supply. This gives Venezuela a special reputation for quality when it comes to chocolate.

Traditionally, Criollo cacao is blended with lesser grades of cacao from other origins in order to provide consumers with a more palatable and evenly balanced product. But some chocolatiers realize that Venezuelan cacao by itself has a uniquely appealing taste, texture, and aroma. It's in the dark chocolate varieties especially that one can enjoy the real taste of this exquisite chocolate.

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