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The name says it all

Chances are, it was a World's Finest Chocolate bar you bought from a student, athletic team, or charity.  They've helped various causes raise over $3 billion through its fundraising program since its founding.  Why settle for mediocrity when you can have the best?


Variety Pack - 60 Bars

Variety Pack - 50 Bars

Milk Chocolate Almond - 50 Bars

Dark Chocolate Almond - 10 Bars

Mint Meltaways - 5 Pack

Milk Chocolate-Covered Almonds


World's Finest Chocolate is a family owned company in Chicago, Illinois whose claim to fame is its creation of chocolate straight from the cacao bean, using the catchphrase “bean to bar.”  Only eight other chocolate companies in the U.S. do this, and World's Finest has over 60 years of experience in perfecting this technique.  You can purchase this exceptional product online at the company’s website, or in retail stores such as Walgreens and Jewel during the holidays.  It is also common to see World's Finest chocolates being sold as part of fundraising endeavors by schools, various athletic organizations, and churches.  (See Fundraising section below)

If you’re craving chocolate, World's Finest is on a mission to satisfy your need.  The company offers many different presentations of our beloved treat, which includes the classic individually wrapped candies, panned pieces (which means they possess a candy “shell”), and one of our personal favorites, bars.  You may already be familiar with World's Finest famous Almond Bar, which is a delicious chocolate bar that sells for $1.00.  What a deal!

World's Finest Chocolate strives to use the latest machinery and finest ingredients to manufacture its famous chocolate.  While its products are proudly made right here in the USA, the company sources cocoa from its farm on the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean to make its own chocolate base for these products, as opposed to outsourcing the chocolate and later modifying it for their line.  As with other quality chocolate brands, this “bean to bar” approach allows World's Finest to control every step of the chocolate-making process, ensuring preservation of the cacao bean’s natural flavors, and thus promoting the best tasting chocolate to buy.  

Fundraising & Gifts

If you’ve ever bought a chocolate bar from a student, athletic team, or charity, chances are it was a World's Finest choclate creation.  Since the company’s founding in 1949, it has helped various causes raise over $3 billion through its fundraising program.  As a means of accommodating the different needs of these causes, World's Finest offers its individual products at $1, $2, or $6.  There is also a World's Finest coupon on the label of every item that is priced at $1 and $2.  One of the most attractive aspects of this program is the available option of personalizing the products your cause is selling.  If desired, the charity or organization can have its name and even a photo printed right onto the label of its fundraising product of choice.  Over 6 billion of such personalized World's Finest Chocolate bars have been sold as a result of this effective program.  

If you’re buying a World's Finest Chocolate product directly from the company’s gift line, you also have the option of personalizing it.  For example, if you purchase a 1 lb. Milk Chocolate Bar, you can request to have your name plus the name of the recipient added to the label, along with a template and/or image (personal or stock), and a personal greeting.  You can even customize the font by style and color.

If you’re like us at Chocolate Dessert Café, you’re probably ready to have some World's Finest Chocolate of your own by now.  Most purchases take place seasonally at retail locations, but if you happen to be in Chicago, IL, World's Finest has two outlet stores nearby which sell these yummy chocolate desserts, located here:

4319 South Pulaski
Chicago, IL 60632

and here:

Orland Towne Center
9237 W. 159th Street
Orland Hills, IL

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